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Canadian certificates at the Romanian Embassy / Consulate CANADIAN DOCUMENTS AT ROMANIAN EMBASSY / CONSULATE

Romania recognizes and accepts all official documents issued in countries that have signed 'The Hague Convention on Apostille'.

Canada did NOT sign this convention and THERE IS NO APOSTILLE in Canada. Consequently, all official documents isssued by Canadian authorities are not recognized directly by Romanian authorities and must go through the process of "super-legalization".

These documents include:
  • Certificates: birth, marriage, death, police clearance, divorce, name change, etc.

  • Legal documents: affidavits, power-of-attorney, last will/testaments, any other documents prepared by Canadian notaries or lawyers.

  • Education documents: diplomas, degrees, certificates, transcripts

  • Other documents: work / business contracts, bank statements, sale/purchase contracts, etc.

The Romanian Embassy/Consulate accepts only certificates issued by the Provincial Government (Office of the Registrar General / Vital Statistics). Birth, marriage, death certificates can be obtained from any City Hall, and in Ontario you can order them online at: ONTARIO OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR GENERAL

In order to get Canadian documents accepted in Romania, the following steps are required:
  1. The Canadian document must be sent for authentication to Global Affairs Canada (Ministry of of Foreign Affairs) in Ottawa. It is a free service, tipically taking about 5 minutes in person, and approx. 2 - 3 weeks by mail.

    Global Affairs Canada
    Authentication Services Section

    - By mail: 125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0G2
    - In person: 111 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 1J1
    Tel: 1-800-267-8376 / 613-944-4000
    Website: Ottawa Documents Authentication (Click here)

  2. All mail-in requests for authentication must be accompanied by the completed & signed form EXT 2165 Click here to open form (you can download it here).

  3. You must enclose a self-addressed return envelope with either sufficient postage (for regular mail) or a self-addressed Xpress Post return envelope.

    The envelope you sent must include:
    - the document you need authenticated
    - the completed & signed form EXT2160
    - the self-addressed envelope

    * If you go to Ottawa in person or mail the documents to a friend / relative who can go there in person, the entire authentication process takes less than 5 minutes!

    * If you cannot go to Ottawa or live in another provincie, you may use the services of a specialized company with a solid reputation in the industry:
    - Capital Authentication (, or
    - International Documents Canada (

    NEW: In Ontario and Manitoba provincial authorities can authenticate, on behalf of Global Affairs Canada (federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs), birth, marriage and death certificates issued by local provincial offices.
    (See website of Embassy of Romania in Ottawa)

    Ministry of Government and Consumer Services
    Business Development and Services Branch
    Official Documents Services
    Adresa: 222 Jarvis Street, Main Floor, Toronto, ON M7A 0B6
    Telefon: 416 325 8416; Fax: 416 325 8434
    [this authentication page will be attached to the original certificate and must also be tranlated]

    Growth, Enterprises & Trade Companies Office
    Commissioner for Oaths/Notary Public
    Adresa: 1034-405 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3L6
    Telefon: 204 945 2654; Toll Free in Manitoba: 1-866 232 4249

  4. Email to us a scan of the document (or mail-in a photocopy) to provide a certified translation from English into Romanian. Our translations DO NOT need to be sent to Ottawa, they are accepted directly at the Romanian Embassy/Consulate.

  5. After receiving your document back from Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa, you must present them together with our translation to the Romanian Embassy/Consulate to get them super-legalized.

  6. After this last step, your documents will be accepted by the authorities in Romania.


  • Global Affairs Canada (Ministry of of Foreign Affairs) in Ottawa authenticates ONLY signatures of civil servants, government officials, city hall employees, police staff, court clerks / judges, notaries and lawyers.

  • For documents issued in Canada that Global Affairs Canada will NOT authenticate (such as school diplomas, transcripts, bank statements, work contracts, etc.), the solution is to go to a notary / lawyer and make a "certified true copy of the original" and then send this certified copy to Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa for authentication. Global Affairs Canada will authenticate the notary/lawyer's signature, and in turn the Romanian Embassy/Consulate will super-legalize it.

  • Before sending your documents to Ottawa, make sure that the name of the person who signed the document (police official, court clerk or judge) is written in PRINTED letters and perfectly legible, otherwise Global Affairs Canada might refuse to authenticate it.

  • For validation of a Canadian divorce in Romania, you will find the latest information on the website of the Consulate General of Romania in Toronto - "Inscrierea in Romania a divortului pronuntat in Canada".

  • For validation of an American divorce in Romania, you will find the latest information on the website of the Consulate General of Romania in Miami - "Inscrierea in Romania a mentiunilor privind faptele civile pronuntate in SUA".

  • Death certificates issued by funeral homes are NOT authenticated by Global Affairs Canada and are NOT accepted by Romanian authorities. In Ontario, you must provide the Statment of Death - Form 15 certificate. In Ontario, you can get it through the funeral home, through the City Hall, or online at: Office of the Registrar General. In other provinces, check with the local office of Vital Statistics.

* For further details and information please visit the website of the Consulate General of Romania in Toronto, or the site of the Embassy of Romania in Ottawa.
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